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Pilgrim`s Progress, The
The Holy War
The Jerusalem Sinner Saved Good News for the Vilest of Men
The Life and Death of Mr. Badman


01/01/1628 Bunyan was born just outside the village of Elstow, on the outskirts of modern Bedford.

Approx 1660 When the Restoration of the monarchy took place in 1660 preaching was forbidden in an attempt to restrain the growth of Independent Congregations. Bunyan refused to stop preaching, and he was arrested in the village of Samsell. He was tried at Bedford Assizes and ordered held in the County Gaol until he agreed to conform.

01/01/1672 Charles II issued his Declaration of Religious Indulgences, and Bunyan, along with other religious offenders, was released from custody. He bought a barn on Mill Street and converted the building to a home for his Independent Congregation.

01/01/1673 The king was pressured into repealing his Declaration, and Bunyan was cast back into gaol until 1677.

1688 John Bunyan dies and he is buried in Bunhill Fields, City Road, London.

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